The Good Fight
Season 1, Episode 6
Alona Tal as Kelly aka Marti and Robert Knepper as Billy Grimm aka Roger Reeves
Air date March 29, 2013
Written by Megan Lynn & Wade Solomon
Directed by Martha Coolidge
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The Kiss of...
Suffer the Children

The Good Fight is the 6th episode of Season 1, and the 6th episode overall.


OBBA BABATUNDE (“DAWSON’S CREEK,” “THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) GUEST STARS IN THE EPISODE — Skye (Jessica Lucas) collapses the morning after the “Cult” fan party, suffering a serious reaction to the drug she was slipped. The doctors urge Jeff (Matt Davis) to locate a sample of the drug so they can find a way to reverse its effects in order to save Skye’s life. Detective Sakelik (guest star Aisha Hinds “Weeds”) arrives at the hospital but refuses to help. Jeff suspects that the drug might be hidden at her place so he takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, inside Skye’s hallucinogenic state, Billy (Robert Knepper), Kelly (Alona Tal) and Skye’s father Quentin (guest star Obba Babatunde) encourage Skye to give up and stop searching for the truth.

Recap Edit


Skye is in Jeff's apartment taking a shower when she hears someone whistling outside. She looks out hesitantly and sees Billy walking towards her with a knife. She jumps and knocks over some items. Billy disappears and Jeff calls to ask if anything is wrong but Skye says that she's fine and shuts off the water. She comes out and apologizes for what happened the previous night at the party. Jeff tells her that it's okay and tells her that they can blame it on Lexi. He then reviews the episode footage from Kelly and Billy's wedding scene but figures that it's just the fans recreating another scene from the show. As Jeff tries to work out the connections to Nate, Skye hallucinates Billy touching her and when she turns, she sees Billy preparing to stab Jeff. She yells at Jeff to alert him, but when she realizes that Billy wasn't really there, she passes out.

Skye and Billy S1Ep6

Skye realizes that she can feel Billy touching her

When Skye wakes up, she finds Billy kneeling next to her. She rolls away from him and realizes that she's at The Blood's compound and grabs a pitchfork to hold Billy off. He assures her that they're all friends and the pitchfork disappears from her hands. Skye runs into a nearby barn and out the other side, only to find herself back where she started. Billy invites her to stay and grabs her. She tries to pull away but Billy tells her that she can't leave.

Skye in the hospital

Skye recuperates in the hospital

At the hospital Dr. McClellan checks Skye's vital signs and tells Jeff that she's under the influence of a drug. Her brain is overloading from the drug, and Jeff admits that he doesn't know what the drug was or how many people took it. McClellan informs him that Skye's case is the only one that has been reported, and she may be having a reaction to an agent in the drug. The agent is no longer present so they can't analyze it, and until then they can only keep her stable. McClellan tells Jeff that he needs to find a sample of the drug and bring it in. Jeff calls Lexi and tells her what happened, and she admits that she threw away Dustin's number. As they talk,
Skye's mom

Ginny meets Jeff for the first time

Jeff notices a woman come in to see Skye. Lexi asks Jeff if there's anything she can do, but he tells her that she's done enough and hangs up. He enters Skye's room and realizes that the woman is Skye's mother, Ginny. He explains that Skye was slipped a drug against her will. Ginny admits that she's been worried about Skye ever since she started working on the show to try and find Steven Rae. Jeff admits that Skye has been helping him find his missing brother, and Ginny realizes that it all has something to do with Cult. She angrily tells Jeff to go, but Jeff tells her that he's not going anywhere.

Skye runs down a country road only to discover that it leads nowhere. Billy tells her that she's not going anywhere and Skye sets off across a field only to find Billy ahead of her. He tells her that she should accept the present and leave her past behind, but Skye insists that she doesn't want to leave her past behind. She insists that she wants to find her father even though Billy points out that he's dead.

Jeff checks with E.J., who is outside the office trying to track down Dustin. When she sees Bert comes out, she quickly hangs up but the editor figures that Jeff is asking her for another favor.

Sakelik meets Jeff in the hospital

Sakelik refuses to help Jeff

Sakelik comes to the hospital and informs Jeff that his name and Skye's are tagged. He tells her to leave Skye out of it, and Sakelik asks if Jeff has watched the video. She warns Jeff that Nate is the only thing keeping him safe and refuses to say why Nate is so important. Jeff tells her that they need a sample of the drug she took from Dustin and begs the detective to help Skye. Sakelik refuses to involve herself and tells Jeff to walk away before leaving.

Billy tells Skye to let go of what she can't control and Kelly arrives and orders Billy to step down. She draws her gun and he takes out his knife. When Kelly warns him to stay away, Billy tosses his knife away and walks toward Kelly, assuring the FBI agent that he's no threat. Kelly says that she wants her sister back, and Billy warns Kelly that her obsession is consuming her. He keeps walking and tells Kelly that he's not the one who needs to stop. After a moment, Kelly gives him the gun and they hug. Skye wonders why Kelly would embrace her tormentor and the agent says that there's a time when it's best to give in. Billy echoes her words and invites Skye to stay with him forever.

Jeff paces nervously while waiting for the doctor to bring Skye back from testing and Ginny ignores him. When they return, the doctor warns them that Skye's brain could suffer permanent damage from the accelerated activity brought on by the drug. He warns them that all they can do is slow the progression. Ginny insists that there must still be something that they can do for her. Jeff gets an idea, takes out his phone, and walks out.

At Fandomain, Jeff arrives to meet with E.J. and finds Bert waiting for him instead. The editor is angryly tells Jeff that he should get fired but Jeff insists that there was an important reason as to why he contacted E.J.

Skye sits and stares, fascinated, at a crystal mobile. Kelly is there with her, putting on her white dress. She tells
Skye reunites with her dad

Skye overjoyed to see Quentin

Skye to listen to what Billy has to say but Skye still can't believe that Kelly forgave him, and the agent says that it's time to put the past behind her. She asks Skye the last time that she felt free and Skye says that it was the day before her father disappeared. As they talk, Skye sees someone standing outside the window and wonders if it's Steven Rae. Kelly tells her not to be scared, and Skye goes outside, only to come face-to-face with her father, Quentin.

Quentin greets his daughter, who insists that he isn't real. He strokes her cheek and reminds her of the last time they were together. Skye was mad at him because he wouldn't let her to go to a midnight movie with her friends, and Skye refused to give him a hug as he left. Both in tears, the two share a hug.

Bert can't believe that Jeff wants Sakelik's home address, but Jeff insists that Sakelik is the only one who might have a sample of the drug. The editor offers to do it himself rather than let E.J. get involved, but only if he can go with Jeff.

Quentin tries to reason

Quentin tries to persuade his daughter

As Quentin brushes Skye's hair, he wonders how she's getting along with her mother. She finally tells him that his wife gave up on him. Quentin tells Skye that she moved on, she didn't give up because she had to raise Skye. Skye wonders if she's chasing a ghost but Quentin ignores the question and tells her that she can finally stay at the compound and find peace. He tells her to stop looking for him and Skye refuses, and Quentin admits that they were a lot alike. Quentin tells his daughter that he always used to keep pushing until he found what he wanted, but states that he regrets it now because it destroyed his family. Quentin begs Skye to stop fighting and give up.

In the real world, back at the hospital, Skye flatlines and the nurses come in to revive her.

As they drive to Sakelik's house, Bert asks what Jeff's connection is to Skye. The reporter admits that Skye is the only thing that has kept him from getting lost in all of the insanity. They drive by Sakelik's house and sees her working in her yard. Bert pulls into a side street and Jeff immediately climbs over the fence, ignoring Bert's objections. He searches the refrigerator while Bert approaches Sakelik and keeps her distracted by asking for directions. As Sakelik comes into the house, Jeff finds the drug, takes it, and hides. The detective notices that the drawer with the drug is ajar and realizes that it's gone. She also discovers that her back door is open.

That night, Jeff returns to the hospital and gives the drug to McClellan for analysis. Ginny tells Jeff that Skye stopped breathing momentarily because her body is shutting down. Jeff whispers to his friend, telling her that he's there for her and to not give up.


Jeff smiles at Skye

Skye is having supper with The Blood and sees Jeff sitting next to her, smiling. He disappears and Quentin asks her if there's something wrong. He says that they're finally together, but Skye insists that it isn't right. She tells Quentin that she wants to know the truth about his disappearance, but he says that all she has to do is stay with him. Skye looks down and discovers that her hands are nailed to the table. Billy assures her that he didn't do anything, and Quentin tells her not to fight it.

McClellan returns with a counter-agent to administer to Skye. He warns Jeff and Ginny that the rest is up to her.

Billy tempts skye

Billy tempts Skye to give up

Skye finds herself in a dark field, her hands still nailed to the table. Billy asks why she's still fighting and Skye tells him that all of what she's experiencing is the part of her that wants to stop looking for her father. She insists that she doesn't want to move on any more than Kelly wants to come back to Billy. Kelly appears and Skye tells her that she would never give up trying to find her sister. Quentin appears and tells Skye not to fight, but she says that he's not her father and refuses to give up.

Skye concentrates and after a minute the table disappears. Billy tells her that she's made her choice and embraces her, saying that he's thankful. Skye tells him that he shouldn't be thankful and stabs him in the stomach, telling him that she still has things to do and that she's not alone anymore. She runs through a field towards the sunlight, escaping to freedom.

Skye wakes up and finds Jeff and Ginny at her bedside. Ginny greets her and Skye smiles up at Jeff, who welcomes her back. Jeff goes to get coffee, and Skye admits to her mother that she should have hugged her father the night that he disappeared. Ginny assures Skye that Quentin knew that she loved her. She warns Skye that even if she finds the answer to what she's looking for, it won't make up for the ten years of lost time. Skye insists that she will continue searching and Ginny says that she understands even if she doesn't agree.

Jeff returns with the coffee and Ginny tells Skye that she loves her before leaving. He tells Skye that she'll be out in a couple of days and she thanks Jeff for saving her. A nurse brings in a bouquet of flowers. The note reads "Sorry to hear about your friend Bert." A confused Skye asks Jeff what it means but he is unable to answer because he receives a call from E.J. He runs outside the hospital just as the EMTs bring Bert in. E.J. arrives. As they take Bert in with a gunshot wound, Sakelik pulls up, calls Jeff on his cell phone, and tells him that she warned him not to get involved. Jeff demands that she tell him what she did, but Sakelik simply says that he's responsible before driving off.






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